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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend for just part of a term?

You’re welcome to join at any point during the term – we’ll always make sure that new members have the chance to catch up on anything they might have missed, and there’ll be new songs each week too.


After your first session, if you'd like to carry on, then payment is up front for the remainder of the term (via the online booking system).

Can I come to sessions on a drop-in basis?

While you’re welcome to attend your first session as a one-off, if you’d like to carry on after that we ask that you commit for the rest of the term. This is for two reasons: firstly it means that we can build on songs as we go through the term (without having to teach everything from scratch each week), and secondly it means we can get to know each other as we go through the term (which helps build more of a sense of continuity and community). 

What happens if I'm unwell or have to miss a session?

There may be weeks when you can’t attend, either because of other commitments or because you become unwell (see our FAQ on what to do if you're unwell below). We’re sorry but for practical reasons we can’t issue a refund for sessions where you can’t attend. However the sessions are priced so that hopefully the cost of having to miss a session or so over the course of the term shouldn’t be too onerous (especially if you book in advance onlinewhich includes a 10% discount). 

Do you have any concession places? 

I have a limited number of concession places available each term for people experiencing special financial circumstances. These are available on request and on a first come first served basis, and offer a third off the normal termly fee. Please get in touch if you want to request one of these.  

Where does the choir take place?

Solsbury Community Choir takes place on Monday evenings during school term time at Batheaston New Village Hall. Find out how to find us here

How long is the session, and do I need to bring anything?


Sessions will last for 1 hour and fifteen minutes (7.30-8.45pm). We’ll be singing through the session without an interval. You might like to bring along a water bottle, as keeping hydrated is important when you sing.

Will I need to be able to read music? 

No, there won’t be any need to read music in this choir, as all songs will be taught by ear. This is a great way to learn music, as it frees us up to enjoy the full experience of singing without having to think too much about what’s written on the page. Learning by ear is great for our all-round musicality and draws on our old oral traditions of how songs were once shared.  


Will the choir do performances? 

This choir is not designed as a performance choir – the emphasis will be on singing for ourselves; generating a sense of fun, togetherness and wellbeing; and enjoying being able to sing freely without any feeling of judgement. 

It may be that some members of the choir would like the chance to perform, perhaps at local/village events for instance. If this is the case then we can explore together how we could create opportunities for that for those who wish to. 

What about if I'm unwell?

As a community choir we want to be as inclusive as possible and consider the needs of all people within our group, including those who are at greater health risk from respiratory illnesses. We therefore ask that you please don’t come to choir if you have symptoms of an infectious respiratory illness – whether this is a cough/cold or Covid-19 - thank you. 


Singing with a respiratory infection is also not good for your vocal chords, so resting up is important for you too. 


If for any reason a session has to be cancelled because the leader is unwell, I’ll notify people (via email and social media) with as much notice as possible. In this case a refund or a credit note for the session will be given. 

What’s your accessibility policy? 

The approach of this choir is to be as inclusive as possible for the varying needs of our community. Batheaston New Village Hall is designed to be fully wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of accessibility with the choir, please get in touch with

Can children come? 

Whilst the choir is designed primarily as an adults choir, accompanied children aged 17 and under are welcome so long as they’re attending with a parent or responsible adult, and are happy and able to focus on the singing without disturbing other singers in the group. Please get in touch with for a chat beforehand so we can talk it through. 


I’m worried I’m not good enough!

This choir welcomes people of all singing abilities, and this includes people who might previously have considered themselves ‘non-singers’ or that they ‘can’t sing’.

Modern life sometimes perpetuates an image of singing as something that ‘experts’ do, but not us. Sometimes people have had a negative experience in the past that's led them to feel they ‘can’t sing’. Yet throughout history singing would have been an integral part of our community life – singing for work, celebration, joy, grief, worship, story telling and community occasions. 

We all have a voice – and the intention with this choir is to help you find it and enjoy using it, in company with others. So please come along and join us! We look forward to welcoming you.   

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