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Covid-19 Policy

As a community choir we want to be as inclusive as possible and consider the needs of all people within our group, including those who are at greater health risk from respiratory illnesses. 


We therefore ask that you please don’t come to choir if you have symptoms of an infectious respiratory illness – whether this is a cough/cold or Covid-19 (symptoms could include a new sore throat, runny nose, cough, temperature, or change in sense of taste or smell). This is the simplest way we can keep everyone safe and well. 

When we sing, we emit a greater quantity of infectious aerosol particles of a virus than when we breathe or talk – that’s why we need to take extra care in a choir. Singing with a respiratory infection is also not good for your vocal chords, so resting up is best for you too. 

We welcome members taking a lateral flow test if they are able. However we also recognise that lateral flow tests can sometimes give false negatives, especially in the early stages of Covid-19. This is why the simplest rule is to stay at home if you have symptoms. 

Please also take time to ensure you’re properly recovered before returning to choir – thank you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact

If for any reason a session has to be cancelled because the leader is unwell, we’ll notify people (via email and social media) with as much notice as possible. In this case a refund or a credit note for the session will be given. 


Thank you for doing your bit to help keep everyone in the group safe and well. 

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